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12 High-Protein Instant Pot Recipes

Ending the day with a warm, home-cooked meal is the ultimate dream for every adult. Unfortunately, because we’re adults and we don’t have our parents waiting for us with open arms and bowls full of soup, it’s rarely a reality. Unless, of course, you’re really good about prepping slow-cooker meals before you leave for work—or, if you’ve got an Instant Pot.

The trendy cooking gadget makes quick, nourishing meals more of a reality for busy people who don’t really have time to cook. It has seven different functions (including slow-cooking and yogurt-making), but its most popular function is that of a pressure cooker, which is famous for speeding up the cook time of notoriously time-consuming meals. It can make tender, fall-off-the-bone style stew in less than an hour, and bone broth (which usually takes 12 hours minimum) in just 2 hours.

If you have an Instant Pot—or are now convinced that you should get one—you’re going to need some recipes to go with it. Start with these 12 high-protein Instant Pot recipes. Dishes like meatballs and pork chops take full advantage of the gadget’s speedy applications, and because they’re filled with the 15 to 30 grams of protein registered dietitians recommend eating with each meal, they’ll keep you feeling satisfied long after you finish eating.

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