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10 Sweet Breakfasts With No Added Sugar

As much as we love savory breakfasts, sometimes we wake up craving something a little sweet. The healthiest way to indulge an A.M. sweet tooth is with a balanced breakfast that contains naturally occurring sugars, like those found in fruit.

Compared with added sugars—which include things like refined white sugar and corn syrup, but also less-processed sugars like honey, agave, and maple syrup—naturally occurring sugars are less likely to cause a blood-sugar spike. Why? Because naturally occurring sugars are found in whole foods like fruit and dairy, which also contain fiber and protein, respectively, Amy Gorin, M.S., R.D.N., tells SELF. These nutrients slow digestion and help keep your energy levels steady. Here’s a more in-depth comparison of added sugar versus naturally occurring sugar, if you’re curious.

According to current USDA guidelines, you should aim to eat no more than 50 grams of added sugar per day. If you need to start your day with something sweet, here are 10 breakfast recipes that are all naturally sweetened by things like fruit, cocoa, and cinnamon—no added sugar in sight. And they’re filled with the protein, fiber, and healthy fats you need to stay energized—so you can satisfy your sweet tooth and actually feel good afterward.

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