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Serotonin improves sociability in mouse model of autism

Scientists at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute (BSI) in Japan have linked early serotonin deficiency to several symptoms that occur in autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Published in Science Advances, the study examined serotonin levels, brain circuitry, and behavior in a mouse model of ASD. Experiments showed that increasing serotonergic activity in the brain during early development led to more balanced ...

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Bacterial superantigens turn our immune cells to the dark side

A subpopulation of immune cells that normally fend off pathogens can turn against the host during certain infections, a new study publishing on June 20 in the open access journal PLOS Biology reveals. The researchers led by Dr. Mansour Haeryfar at Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Canada, in collaboration with researchers from France, Australia and the United ...

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How viewing cute animals can help rekindle marital spark

One of the well-known challenges of marriage is keeping the passion alive after years of partnership, as passions tend to cool even in very happy relationships. In a new study, a team of psychological scientists led by James K. McNulty of Florida State University has developed an unconventional intervention for helping a marriage maintain its spark: pictures of puppies and ...

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Common household chemicals lead to birth defects in mice, research finds

A new study at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) and the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech has found a connection between common household chemicals and birth defects. Known as quaternary ammonium compounds or “quats,” the chemicals are often used as disinfectants and preservatives in household and personal products such as cleaners, laundry detergent, fabric ...

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Awards Ceremony Held For Candy Stripers


The Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda [HAB], a non-profit organisation which runs the island’s candy striping programme, recently honoured dozens of young volunteers for their dedication, hard work and service to the community. The Candy Stripers, all of whom have served between one and four years with HAB, were presented with pins and badges recognising their commitment at a special prizegiving ...

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Smartphone app detects and alerts sleepy drivers

To reduce accidents caused by fatigue driving, HKBU Computer Science scholar Professor Cheung Yiu-ming and his team have developed a system that detects drowsy drivers and alerts them simply using a generic smartphone. To reduce accidents caused by fatigue driving, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) Computer Science scholar Professor Cheung Yiu-ming and his team have developed a system that detects ...

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BHCS & Brown Darrell To Host ‘Docs For Dinner’


Bermuda HealthCare Services and Brown-Darrell Clinic will be hosting their quarterly “Docs for Dinner’ event at Café Lido, Thursday, June 29th 2017 The guest speaker is Dr. Fitzroy Hamilton, a Surgical House Officer at the King Eward VII Memorial Hospital [KEMH] since 2013 with several years experience working in general surgery. Dr. Hamilton was awarded an Honours degree in Medicine ...

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Mutations that allow bird flu strain to spread among humans identified

An international team of scientists has identified several genetic mutations that, should they arise, could potentially allow the avian influenza strain H7N9 to spread between humans. The findings are published in PLOS Pathogens. H7N9 is a strain of flu virus that normally infects birds but has spread to at least 779 humans in a number of outbreaks related to poultry ...

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Bacardi Wins 4th Annual Corporate Blood Drive


Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] and the Ministry of Health and Seniors today announced that Bacardi is the winner of the Corporate Blood Drive 2016/17. This is the fourth Corporate Blood Drive that has taken place, with this year’s event seeing “the highest ever number of competitors.” A spokesperson said, “Bacardi has been awarded the revolving trophy and a certificate to thank them ...

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Shape, size of DNA lesions caused by toxic agents affects repair of DNA

Every day our bodies come under a barrage of toxic agents — cigarette smoke, the sun, free radicals and other carcinogenic substances — that create damaging lesions in our DNA that can initiate cancer and other human diseases. Fortunately, nature has provided living organisms with repair processes to seek out and remove such dangerous lesions; repair allows the DNA to ...

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