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Chrissy Teigen's Love for Pizza Runs Deep—and R.D.s Aren't Mad at It


It’s no secret that Chrissy Teigen loves tasty food. The supermodel regularly posts photos on social media of treats like hot dogs, Fun Dip, and chorizo-and-bacon breakfast burritos, among other things. And now, she’s declaring her love for pizza. Teigen recently retweeted a message from Naija Gym Blog, a health and fitness group that regularly posts nutrition-based messages, that said, ...

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Health Statutory Boards Self Assessment Report


The Health Council has released its annual report on the performance of statutory boards that register health professionals to practice in Bermuda. The report is based on information provided by each board that oversees the various health professions. BHeC said, “The report notes improvements in how health professionals are registered, the level of responsiveness in handling the public’s complaints, and ...

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How Much Caffeine Is in a Cup of Coffee?


Knowing how much caffeine is in a cup of coffee can be really helpful when you’re trying to limit your caffeine intake. While being dependent on the stimulant isn’t exactly life-threatening, it can leave you sleepy, grumpy, and jittery. Some people with certain health conditions may find their doctors even suggesting cutting back. And since drinking coffee can become so ...

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‘Government House Is Aware Of The Action’


February 16, 2017 “Government House is aware of the action” brought against Lahey, which “is a civil case that will be considered as necessary by the relevant courts,” and the “UK continues to support all efforts to uphold the rule of law in Bermuda and its other Overseas Territories,” Governor John Rankin said today. This follows after the Bermuda Government ...

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11 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Food Waste


For some reason, using all your groceries before they go bad is actually a pretty hard thing to do. In fact, food waste is such a problem, the National Resources Defense Council reports that Americans aren’t eating about 40 percent of the food they buy. Yes, the Internet tells us there are many ways to keep avocados from browning and ...

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Photos, Video: Giovanna Watson’s Book Launch


[Updated with video] Local author Giovanna Watson‘s book “Dear Cancer, Let Me Introduce Myself” was successfully launched this evening [Feb 18] at City Hall. Ms Watson was diagnosed with colon cancer in February 2014; two surgeries, eight chemo treatments, 26 radiation treatments, over 500 pills, and multiple memories later, she wrote the book and launched HelloCancer.org. Ms Watson previously said, “It’s ...

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This Is What Ali Maffucci of the Food Blog Inspiralized Eats in a Day


Healthy eating looks different for everyone. For Ali Maffucci, creator of the food blog Inspiralized and author of the Inspiralized Cookbook, it involves lots and lots of well-rounded snacks, smoothies, and (of course) loads of spiralized veggies. This week, she tells SELF’s Audrey Bruno all about the pre- and post-workout grub that keeps her fueled, the recipes she’s currently testing ...

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Audio: MPs Discuss Govt Lawsuit Against Lahey


February 17, 2017 [Updated] Parliamentarians discussed the lawsuit the Bermuda Government filed against Lahey in the House of Assembly today, with the Opposition asking about the U.S. – Bermuda Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, with Attorney General Trevor Moniz saying there has not been a “treaty violation in connection with the Lahey legal proceedings or otherwise.” This follows after the Bermuda ...

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On Using Hypnosis to Change Terrible Eating Habits


This summer, I realized my relationship with food was taking a physical and emotional toll on me. I was filling and refilling my plate with junk food at social gatherings, snacking nonstop on dried fruit, nuts, and chips, then eating just one or two meals a day in a desperate attempt to make up for it all. I was constantly ...

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Ministry: ‘Illegal Dumping Of Raw Sewage’


An “unscrupulous offender is regularly dumping large volumes of raw sewage in a public green space at the eastern end of the island” and “raw sewage may have been dumped overboard at a public dock,” the Ministry of Public Works said, prompting them to remind the public that the pollution of land is considered an offence. Saying that “raw sewage ...

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