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Would You Spend $5 To Look 15 Years Younger? Christie Brinkley’s New Wrinkle Remover Does Exactly That! Botox Doctors Are Outraged By Her Breakthrough!


Christie Brinkley was featured on The Today Show with Dr. Oz to launch her new skincare and anti-aging line, known as Bliss Radiance. Discover how at 61 she looks half her age and how you can use the exact same product as her to look years younger! During her 40 year modeling career, Christie Brinkley has miraculously managed to not ...

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Barking Dog Found Alive in Rubble 9 Days After Italy Earthquake


Firefighters rescued a Golden Retriever from a pile of earthquake rubble after they heard the dog barking, nine days after the temblor struck central Italy. The dog, called Romeo, appeared to be bewildered at first as it scampered down the mound of broken concrete and other debris, but quickly took a few steps, wagged its tail and sniffed its surroundings. ...

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The Complexities of Hydration Issues in the Elderly


Abstract Although age alone is not an independent risk factor for dehydration, converging age-related factors along with personal hydration habits can contribute to risk for dehydration in older adults. This article explores the problem of assessment of dehydration risk in older adults by reviewing major age-related changes including blunted thirst response, decreasing fluid consumption, and unreliability of biochemical indicators of ...

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