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Nikki Bascome Maintains Undefeated Record


Bermudian boxer Nikki Bascome improved his professional record to a perfect 6 & 0 after defeating Guyanese boxer Iwan Azore last night, with other local fighters also showing impressive form, with multiple bouts seeing Bermuda fighters defeat international opponents. Bascome slowed down his opponent with some measured body shots, and controlled the fight through to the end, with the judges scoring ...

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Boxing Federation To Host ‘Greatest Fight Night’


The Bermuda Boxing Federation will be hosting ‘The Greatest: Fight Night at Fairmont’ on February 25th at the Fairmont Southampton, with  Nikki Bascome set to match up against Guyanese boxer Iwan “Pure Gold” Azore. The Greatest Fight Night is set to host an exciting card for the evening which will showcase some of Bermuda’s up and coming amateur boxers. The night ...

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Building Muscle Dispite Shoulder Pain and Shoulder Injuries


Shoulder and joint injuries are among the most common injuries that can happen while lifting weights and building muscle. Shoulder injuries while building muscle can occur at any age, but most likely to happen as we get older. We can let this give us an excuse not workout or we can work around the joint injury and continue to ...

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Smith Machine Squat


Smith Machine Squat can be used as an alternative exercise to the barbell squats for developing the Quadriceps (quads) and Gluteus Maximus (glutes). For novices, the Smith Machine can be use to familiarize oneself with the squat movement, particularly with a trainer’s assistance. For more advanced weight trainers, Smith Machine can be implemented periodically after the ...

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Tracie Euker – Mom, Fit, 42 and Fabulous


This month the MuscleMagFitness spotlight is on Tracie Euker, who just recently won two pro cards and nabbed a cover of a national fitness magazine! An amazing accomplishment for a 42 year old working mother of two from Poughkeepsie, NY and an inspiration for mothers across the world! About Tracie Euker Tracie Euker is a ...

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Feature Figure Competitor: Heather Jones


Feature Figure Competitor: Heather Jones Written by Administrator    MuscleMagFitness is proud to feature NPC Figure Competitor Heather Jones in this month’s Spotlight on Fitness. About Figure Competitor Heather Jones  Heather Jones Residence: Waipahu, HI Heather Jones Height: 5 ’6 Heather Jones Off season weight: 140 lbs. Heather Jones Competition weight: 118 ...

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Standing Calf Raise Machine


The Standing Calf Raise is one of the most commonly used exercises for the development of the Gastrocnemius (calf) muscles in most gyms across the world. The Standing Calf Raises is so popular because the exercise is not only easy to do, but it provides great benefit with low risk of injury. The standing calf raise ...

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Tips to Love Your Body and Bring Out Your Inner Beauty


Tips to Love Your Body and Bring Out Your Inner Beauty Written by Kelly J. DiLauro    Unlike men, many women aren’t happy with their appearance and are always seeking a better body.  Research indicates that typically women have lower self esteem than men. retailers. Research indicates that typically women have lower self esteem than ...

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Barbell Upright Row


The Upright Barbell Row is an exercise for the development of the shoulders and trapezius muscles. It is basically a weight lifting shoulder exercise performed while standing, holding a weight hanging down in the hands and lifting it straight up to the collarbone. Barbell Upright Row Overview Main Muscle(s) Worked: Deltoid, lateral (shoulder), upper trapezius ...

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