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Boxing Federation Welcomes Executive Team


September 1, 2015 The Bermuda Boxing Federation [BBF] has welcomed its executive team for 2015/16, with Leroy Robinson serving as Acting Treasurer, Nathan Dill as President, Leo Richardson as Vice President, and Lori Burchall as Secretary. The BBF said, “This team will be responsible for formulating a strategic plan for a national boxing program, expand representation of our island in international ...

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Build a Thick V Taper Back with Bent Over Rows


Bent Over Row The bent over row is an excellent exercise for the development of a wide and powerful back. The bent over row is also a great exercise for building the muscles in deltoids erector spinae and upper back and helps give you a strong, stable, powerful looking physique. The Importance of Building a Strong Back ...

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Boxer Andre Lambe Looking For Victory


Andre Lambe is looking to bring a little flash to the fans as he seeks to notch a victory against his Canadian opponent on November 7. Lamb is on the undercard of the Bascome vs Reyes fight at the Fairmont Southampton. The lightweight is 0-3 but his confidence is sky high as he is looking to do Bermuda proud. He ...

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Two of the Biggest Myths About Losing Fat


Two of the Biggest Myths About Losing Fat Written by Jeff behar, MS, MBA    Myth #1 – Its best to do Cardio Before Weight Training Wrong. Doing five minutes to get your joints lubricated, and your blood flowing is not a bad idea, especially during the winter months in colder climates, however doing cardio to ...

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Nikki Bascome Aiming To Remain Undefeated


Boxer Nikki Bascome says he is cooking up something special up for Mexican fighter Pilo Reyes this Saturday [Nov 7] with the two set to meet in the ring as the highlight of a 10-bout fight card at the Fairmont Southampton. Bascome has his eyes on remaining undefeated and running his record to 4-0 and loves the advantage of boxing in ...

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Get the Right Treatment for Shoulder Bursitis and Tendonitis


Many patients seek medical attention for shoulder pain, and a common diagnosis given is ‘shoulder bursitis,’ or ‘shoulder tendonitis’. Shoulder bursitis and rotator cuff tendonitis are all ways of saying there is inflammation of a particular area within the shoulder joint that is causing a common set of symptoms. The best terminology for these symptoms is ‘Impingement Syndrome.’ ...

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Video: Nikki Bascome Defeats Mexican Boxer


[Updated] Bermuda’s Nikki Bascome thrilled the hometown crowd this evening [Nov 7] by defeating Mexican boxer Pilo Reyes, with Bascome so dominant the referee put a stop to the fight 2 minutes 33 seconds into the 1st round and called the TKO for Bascome, who now takes his professional record to 4-0. Bascome’s match was the title fight for the ...

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Common Workout Mistakes People Make in the Gym


Millions of people go to a gym each year to work out, with the desire to make improvements to their physique. However a majority of these people make some very common mistakes in the gym that prevent them from reaching their fitness goals. While some of the common mistakes in the gym may be minor, many ...

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Photos: Nikki Bascome vs Pilo Reyes Boxing


Bermudian boxer Nikki Bascome gave a large and enthusiastic home crowd something to cheer for as he took on Pilo Reyes from Chihuahua, Mexico at the Fairmont Southampton on Saturday, November 7, unleashing a flurry of blows in order to end the match with a TKO in just over two and a half minutes. Bascome was all over the Mexican fighter ...

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Fitness BootCamps, Do They Really Work?


Fitness bootcamps are taking the country by storm. You can not drive past a local park, or even watch late night TV and not see a DVD, a reference or footage of a fitness boot camp in action. But are fitness bootcamp recruits getting in shape and staying that way? Fitness Boot camps, which include ...

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