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Why Is Physical Education a Stress Reliever for Students in High School?


High school physical education classes have the potential to exert a tremendous positive impact on the students’ mental, physical and social well-being. The opportunity to mentally relax during a tough academic schedule helps to reduce tension and mental stress. Physical education classes also provide an excellent opportunity to focus on physical health and may serve as an outlet for socialization. ...

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How to Buy the Right Home Exercise Equipment


Buying strength training and aerobic equipment for your home makes exercise convenient if you shop wisely. Here’s how to map out a strategy before you spend the cash. A home gym can make smart fitness sense. It’s more convenient and ultimately cheaper than a health club membership, and it stands to reason you would be more inclined to get fit ...

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61 Fitness Tips to Make 2016 Your Year Of Change


Don’t know where to start on your New Year’s resolution? Here’s how to successfully implement fitness into your lifestyle, no matter your goal! You may have resolved to make this the year you finally start—and stick with—an exercise program, but you’re fighting an uphill battle, and it’s all too easy to give up after a few weeks. Judging by the ...

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Use it or lose it: Stopping exercise decreases brain blood flow


We all know that we can quickly lose cardiovascular endurance if we stop exercising for a few weeks, but what impact does the cessation of exercise have on our brains? New research led by University of Maryland School of Public Health researchers examined cerebral blood flow in healthy, physically fit older adults (ages 50-80 years) before and after a 10-day ...

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