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Cable Crunch


The Kneeling Cable Crunch is one of the most common abdominal (stomach) exercises used in the gym. The Kneeling Cable Crunch when performed correctly will build and strengthen abdominal (abs) muscles. The abdominal muscles (stomach) muscles are very important “core” muscles.  The core muscles consist of the abdominals, the obliques, the lower back muscles and several inner ...

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Dumbbell Concentration Curls


Dumbbell Concentration Curl is an isolation movement exercise with the main purpose to peak your arm’s biceps, especially the Brachialis (outside part of biceps).  Dumbbell concentration curls can be done in a variety of ways: sitting, standing or in a kneeling position. The movement is typically used as an finishing exercise to work the “peak” of the biceps and give gym goers the final “pump” ...

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Common Diet and Weight Loss Mistakes


A good diet and exercise program is essential for bulking up. If you’re a professional or a novice bodybuilder or just want to add muscle, having a good off-season diet and exercise program to make improvements to your physique is very important. But every off-season, many will fall short with their diet and exercise goals, losing out on adding ...

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Choice of Gym Crucial to Fitness Success


A health club can be a great fitness motivator if you choose the right one. Many people hope that joining a health club will be a magic bullet to inspire them to workout. Before signing on the dotted line decide what’s important to you. Be sure the club you choose suits your personal needs and fitness goals. To help ensure ...

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Lose Back Fat in 4 Simple Steps!


Many people are so preoccupied with their fat gut, cottage cheese thighs or flabby arms, they don’t even think about back fat being a problem. Especially because they can not see it easily. However, there are some simple steps you can take to eliminate unsightly back fat. Causes of Unsightly Back Fat  ...

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The Hidden Benefits of Weight Lifting


The Hidden Benefits of Weight Lifting Written by Jeff Behar, MS, MBA    Many people associate weight training (resistance training) with bodybuilding and do not recognize the importance of weight training for health. Weight training  has a multitude of important health benefits besides improving muscle size, muscle tone, muscle density and reducing body fat.  Weight training ...

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Foam Rollers: Why Foam Rollers are Gaining in Popularity


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Worst Weight Lifting Exercises


Many people go to the gym with great intentions, but they do not reach their desired goals. Many people choose  ineffective, risky exercise that fail to deliver results and actually can injure. Are you wasting your time on these top 5 ineffective weight lifting exercises. Military Press Behind the Head This shoulder move, in which you ...

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Nikki Bascome Wins Take Over Fight Night


December 5, 2016 The Take Over Fight Night began with junior fighters from the Bermuda Boxing Association taking to the ring. Keanu Wilson won a unanimous fight over Stefan Dronja in their Light Heavyweight Kickboxing fight. Courtney Dublin was forced to retire with a arm injury in his exhibition fight with Omar Dill. The Middleweight bout between Zain Philpott and ...

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Top Excuses for Skipping a Fitness Workout


Some people like working out, but let’s face it even the most energetic people sometime feel like skipping a workout. The following are some of the most common excuses for missing a fitness workout. Are any familiar to you? Most Common Excuses for Missing a Fitness Workout  No clothes. I don’t have any clothes to wear to workout ...

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