12 High-Protein Instant Pot Recipes


Ending the day with a warm, home-cooked meal is the ultimate dream for every adult. Unfortunately, because we’re adults and we don’t have our parents waiting for us with open arms and bowls full of soup, it’s rarely a reality. Unless, of course, you’re really good about prepping slow-cooker meals before you leave for work—or, if you’ve got an Instant ...

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Health Council: $84.5M Spent On Overseas Care


Bermuda spent $84.5 million on overseas care between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016, with $6M going toward transportation and accommodation, according to a new report from the Bermuda Health Council. “Recognising the importance of specialised overseas care to health outcomes, the Bermuda Health Council developed a report, Overseas Care: A Synopsis of Trends for the Island of Bermuda ...

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There's a Major Recall of Edamame in 33 States


You might want to double-check your package of edamame before snacking—the popular Japanese appetizer might be contaminated with a dangerous bacteria. Advanced Fresh Concepts Franchise Corp. of Rancho Dominguez, California, is recalling its edamame dated between January 3, 2017, and March 17, 2017. The reason: a potential listeria contamination, according to the FDA. The bacteria, officially known as Listeria monocytogenes, ...

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BHB CEO: Hospital Beds Are ‘Completely Full’


[Updated] “Every single bed in our Emergency Department and in our new Acute Care Wing is completely full,” Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] CEO Venetta Symonds said today, adding that, “I will go as far as to say that operationally, internally to BHB it is a crisis.” Ms. Symonds said, “There are no patient beds right now at the hospital. And ...

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Restaurant Defies Laws of Brunch and Bans Avocados From Its Menu


Avoca-no. London restaurant Firedog is vowing to end the avocado craze once and for all by implementing a strict no-avocado policy on its menu. ~Insert gasps of brunch Instagrammers around the world here~ The reason: The restaurant admits to having grown truly weary of the green fruit. “Our mission is to reinvigorate the morning dining scene in London, which has ...

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MoonGate & MASA Set To Increase Benefits


MoonGate Insurance Ltd and its trading partner Medical Air Services Association [MASA] both announced increased benefits to the Bermuda resident population. A spokesperson said, “MoonGate, which was established in October, 2013, offers the HealthGap Supplement which is designed to work in conjunction with basic insurance policies, such as HIP and FutureCare. “Since these policies have certain exclusions, HealthGap assists by ...

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I Made All of My Meals in an Instant Pot for a Week


“OMG, you have to try the Instant Pot,” a friend texted me in early December. “The wha..? You know I don’t smoke,” I replied, wondering how well she really knew me. “Ugh, no. It’s a machine that works as a pressure and rice cooker, plus you can make yogurt in it,” she replied. A magical machine like this actually exists? ...

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School Lunch Challenge Winners Announced


The winners of the School Lunch Challenge 2016-17 were announced, with entrants judged on the nutritional content of the lunches they took to school in an effort to promote the importance of healthy eating in Bermuda’s schools. The School Lunch Challenge is the one of the main nutrition components of the Premier’s Youth Fitness Programme, which aims to equip Bermuda’s ...

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People Have Strong Opinions About Starbucks' New Avocado Spread


Starbucks and avocados, two of our favorite things about mornings (or, OK, about any time of day), have united at long last in one of the holiest brunch unions in recorded history. In an effort to “fuel the warmer days ahead,” Starbucks announced on Tuesday that stores nationwide will now offer Organic Avocado Spread, ready to be smeared atop any ...

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Photos: Premier’s Youth Fitness Programme


Premier Michael Dunkley recently visited West Pembroke and Francis Patton primary schools respectively as part of the Premier’s Youth Fitness Programme. The Premier was joined by Health & Seniors Minister Jeanne Atherden and Education Minister Cole Simmons for the West Pembroke visit. To date, since the programme began, the Premier has attended seven schools. This Friday [March 24], the Premier ...

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