Scientists discover an unexpected influence on dividing stem cells' fate


When most cells divide, they simply make more of themselves. But stem cells, which are responsible for repairing or making new tissue, have a choice: They can generate more stem cells or differentiate into skin cells, liver cells, or virtually any of the body’s specialized cell types. As reported February 3 in Science, scientists at The Rockefeller University have discovered ...

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The Fiber Deficit, Part II: Consumer Misperceptions About Whole Grains and Fiber: A Call for Improving Whole-Grain Labeling and Education


Abstract As discussed in part I of this series, the fiber in whole grains makes important contributions to health, yet the fiber content of whole grains and products containing them varies widely. Moreover, fiber remains a nutrient of concern for Americans. Given the ongoing fiber deficit, consumer research was conducted to assess consumer understanding of fiber as it relates to ...

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‘Increase In Employers Not Providing Insurance’


The Bermuda Health Council said they have noticed “an increase in employers who are not providing their employees with health insurance coverage” saying there are currently “46 non-compliant employers, affecting 261 employees and non-working spouses”. Ian Cameron, Compliance Officer, states: “The increase in non-compliant employers is concerning because health insurance provides access to healthcare. At a time when Bermuda is seeing ...

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Impact on Milk Consumption and Nutrient Intakes From Eliminating Flavored Milk in Elementary Schools


Abstract American children are overweight and undernourished. It is critical that school meals provide foods that help children achieve a healthy, balanced diet, and in recent years, some schools have removed flavored milk. The primary goal of this study was to quantify the impact of changes in flavored milk availability on school children’s milk consumption. A secondary goal was to ...

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8 Healthy Cooking Hacks Everyone Should Know


I came. I slawed. I concasséd (that’s chef speak for a fancy method of dicing a tomato). And now that I’ve graduated from New York City’s nutrition-driven culinary school, Natural Gourmet Institute, which focuses on food that tastes delicious but also happens to be good for you, I appreciate a healthy cooking trick more than ever. Here are a few ...

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Column: Marking Cancer Awareness Month


[Opinion column written by “Junior Minister of Health & Seniors Senator Lynne Woolridge] While October is Cancer Awareness month, Saturday, February 4 was World Cancer Day and over the past several days we’ve seen testimonials from fellow Bermudians about their experience with this disease. The top cause of death in Bermuda is heart and cardiovascular disease. In second place is cancer, ...

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Body Mass Index: Obesity, BMI, and Health: A Critical Review


Body fatness has been an important psychosocial issue among humans for millennia. It is clearly manifested by paleolithic statuettes of exceedingly plump women. This suggests being “full figured” was highly desirable at least for women. In contrast, images of obese people, males or females, are never exhibited in ancient Egyptian funerary wall paintings, stellae, or statues suggesting that fatness was ...

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Boxing Federation To Host ‘Greatest Fight Night’


The Bermuda Boxing Federation will be hosting ‘The Greatest: Fight Night at Fairmont’ on February 25th at the Fairmont Southampton, with  Nikki Bascome set to match up against Guyanese boxer Iwan “Pure Gold” Azore. The Greatest Fight Night is set to host an exciting card for the evening which will showcase some of Bermuda’s up and coming amateur boxers. The night ...

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