Where cigarette smoking's damage is done… down to your DNA

Scientists have known for decades that smoking cigarettes causes DNA damage, which leads to lung cancer. Now, for the first time, UNC School of Medicine scientists created a method for effectively mapping that DNA damage at high resolution across the genome. The innovation comes from the laboratory of Nobel laureate Aziz Sancar, MD, PhD, the Sarah Graham Kenan Professor of ...

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Is the finger-stick blood test necessary for type 2 diabetes treatment?

In a landmark study, UNC School of Medicine researchers have shown that blood glucose testing does not offer a significant advantage in blood sugar control or quality of life for type 2 diabetes patients who are not treated with insulin. The paper, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, details findings from a randomized trial called “The MONITOR Trial.” This study is ...

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HIV Awareness “Know Your Status, Get Tested”


During the month of June, the Ministry of Health and Seniors is observing HIV Awareness Month. “In 2016, six persons in Bermuda were diagnosed with HIV and all reported sexual contact as their risk. Since 2004, fewer than 10 new HIV infections have been reported each year and ten or fewer persons have been diagnosed with AIDS annually. It is ...

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Toxicants linked to lipid metabolism

While working for an environmental nonprofit organization in India, Namrata Sengupta investigated how poor waste management and sanitation practices can impact the environment and public health. Her work sparked an interest in environmental toxicology and led her to Clemson University in 2011 as a doctoral student in the field. Sengupta spent her time in graduate school using Daphnia magna, or ...

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Bermuda Health Foundation To Honour Dr Shultz


On Friday, June 30th, the Bermuda Health Foundation will host their 15th Annual Salute to Service Awards Luncheon, with the Foundation raising funds every year to assist Bermudian students who are studying for careers in the medical field. A spokesperson said, “On Friday, June 30, 2017, the Bermuda Health Foundation [BHF] will host the 15th Annual Salute to Service Award ...

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How the brain recognizes what the eye sees

If you think self-driving cars can’t get here soon enough, you’re not alone. But programming computers to recognize objects is very technically challenging, especially since scientists don’t fully understand how our own brains do it. Now, Salk Institute researchers have analyzed how neurons in a critical part of the brain, called V2, respond to natural scenes, providing a better understanding ...

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Schools Awarded For Healthy Programmes


The Minister of Health and Seniors Jeanne Atherden today presented awards to those who participated in the 2017 Healthy Schools programme. ‘The Healthy Schools Awards focuses on schools that consistently promote health to their students and staff. This year, schools demonstrated that they consistently implemented five categories of health specified by Healthy Schools to demonstrate a high level of compliance ...

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Role of Dairy Foods in the Dietary Guidelines


Dairy product consumption is associated with overall diet quality and adequate intake of nutrients, including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, vitamin B12, protein, riboflavin, and vitamins A and D. This article provides evidence that milk and milk products play a critical role in planning eating patterns that conform to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans for nutrient adequacy and may ...

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NMAC On “Emotional Impact Of Acne Scarring”


In recognition of Acne Awareness Month, Northshore Medical & Aesthetics is taking the time to educate the public on “the emotional impact of acne scarring.” A spokesperson said, “More than 85% of all people experience acne at some point in their lives, according to the American Dermatology Association. According to the ADA, acne is the most common skin disorder and ...

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