Oprah's Committed To Weight Watchers, In Spite Of Criticism


Oprah Winfrey has been open about her efforts to lose weight. She even made a video that she posted on her website about what her weight-loss journey has been like thus far. “I am one of those people who has dieted and gained and dieted and gained, and since I’ve started dieting I’ve gained 70 pounds,” the former talk show ...

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BPS Raise $5,225 In ‘Movember’ Fundraising


Detective Superintendent Sean Field-Lament as well as a team of seven Constables consisting of Daniel Cole, Anthony Smith, Khalid Pitcher, David McHugh, Ralshon Douglas, Michael Charlton and Christopher Rodrigues grew moustaches in support of the recent Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre’s ‘Movember’ men’s health awareness campaign. Combined, the eight men raised a total of $5,225, with Mr. Field-Lament being recognised ...

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Cleverly designed tuberculosis vaccine shows promise in mice


A clever new tuberculosis vaccine has shown promise in trials in mice. If it succeeds, it will be the first new TB vaccine in a century. With the rise of multidrug resistant tuberculosis, the difficulty of curing the disease, and the large annual death toll, a successful vaccine could be a huge benefit to public health — especially in low- ...

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The 13 Best Superfoods, According To Registered Dietitians


These days the term “superfood” gets tossed around a lot. So much so that it seems like there’s a new so-called super ingredient every day. And it got us to wondering, what exactly does it mean for a food to be super? According to Dianna Sinni, R.D., L.D., wellness dietitian and blogger at Chard in Charge, superfoods aren’t all that different ...

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Why Counting Calories Isn’t Necessary For Weight Loss


As a registered dietitian, the thought of anyone counting calories, aka the energy you get from what you eat and drink, causes me to sigh audibly. Counting calories is a time-consuming, soul-sucking practice that’s actually a lesson in futility, as far as I’m concerned. Yet people continue to do it. They pull out their calorie-tracking apps and plug in whatever ...

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Is Sushi Healthy? Here Are Your Healthiest Options


Sushi is one of those foods that screams healthy. It’s always freshly made, it’s all about fish and seaweed, two health food superstars, and it’s light enough that you don’t feel like you’re carrying a rock in your belly when you head back to work from lunch. You’ve got your lean protein and your veggies, all rolled up into a ...

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Here's What's On The Menu At The 2017 Golden Globes


The Golden Globes is one of the more festive awards nights in Hollywood, mostly for one reason: There’s food. Forget the Oscars’ restrained theater seating and a dearth of energy-giving calories (a must to get through the press gauntlet) that led to Jennifer Lawrence eating pizza in Dior. Bless her, but also, food is good. And when it comes to ...

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15 Low-Carb Vegetable Substitutes For Your Favorite Foods


Carbs are complicated. They’re super important, since they give us energy and are essential for normal brain function. But not all carbs are created equal, and the ones that aren’t as good for us—the simple carbs in white pasta, rice, bread, etc.—are particularly crave-able and it’s easy to eat too many. While drastically cutting carbs might not be a good ...

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Starbucks' New Latte Is Here—And It's Hipster AF


It’s here folks—the first new Starbucks drink of 2017. And boy, is it hip. The drink is called the “Cascara Latte,” and it was created at Starbucks’ uber cool and ~experimental~ Roastery and Tasting Room in Seattle. The Cascara Latte starts out like a normal latte—Starbucks espresso is mixed with the steamed milk of your choice—but then a brand new ...

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