11 Insanely Easy High-Protein Recipes For Beginner Cooks


Here at SELF, we write about “easy” high-protein meals all the time. And while some of them are undeniably simple, a number of them aren’t exactly beginner-friendly. Which is fine if you already have some kitchen skills, but not so great if it’s your first, second, or even third time dabbling in the art of cooking. But just because you’re ...

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Well Bermuda Partnership Holds Annual Meeting


On Wednesday, January 25, a wide range of organizations working to improve health and wellness in the community met at the Well Bermuda Partnership annual meeting. This year the focus was on preventable diseases, like diabetes and obesity, and their impact on the health of Bermuda’s population. Well Bermuda brings the Department of Health together with a wide range of ...

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Pets are a child’s best friend, not their siblings


Children get more satisfaction from relationships with their pets than with their brothers or sisters, according to new research from the University of Cambridge. Children also appear to get on even better with their animal companions than with siblings. The research adds to increasing evidence that household pets may have a major influence on child development, and could have a ...

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What Are Antioxidants And What Do They Do For Your Body?


“Antioxidants” is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around a lot, even though most people don’t fully understand what it means. We know that foods full of antioxidants are really good for us, and we should buy skincare with antioxidants to keep our skin healthy and ward off signs of aging. We need antioxidants, we should always say “yes” ...

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General Consent Form Takes Full Effect: Jan 30


The Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] said they wish to remind the public that “all patients have to expressly consent to their care before medical treatment or services can be afforded.” “The General Consent form was introduced in August but started with a few departments. On Monday, January 30, this requirement will be applicable in all departments located at King Edward VII Memorial ...

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Is Pork Healthy? R.D.s Explain Why They Love The Other White Meat


Skimming through the meat section at your local supermarket, you might find yourself occasionally wondering, is pork healthy?—especially when your eyes glide from your usual chicken breast to a decidedly more seductive cut of pork. Not knowing the answer to that question is not uncommon, because over the years pork has built up something of a bad reputation. A lot ...

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Column: ‘My Top Five Tips For Lustrous Locks’


[Written by personal trainer and health coach Tania Kowalski] As I’ve gotten older I have to say that the number of strands of hair that end up in my brush are more than I ever remember in the past. I like to blame it on the fact that my hair is really long now so one hair really looks like 5. ...

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5 Things You Need For The Perfect 'Healthyish' Grain Bowl


If you’re like us, you probably eat at your desk. A lot. With limited tabletop real estate and limited time, finding a quick, healthy lunch that’s easy to choke down then clean up is a working woman’s midday holy grail. We are particularly fond of grain bowls to solve our lunchtime quandaries, because you can pack all your macronutrients into one ...

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BHB Introduces Patient-Centred Medical Home


The Bermuda Hospitals Board said they have “invested in a pilot project to help combat the impact of chronic disease including cost.” The Patient-Centred Medical Home [PCMH] programme is an outpatient referral service for individuals with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, who are not currently seeing a GP and who are under- or uninsured. “The goal is to keep this at-risk group ...

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Carrie Underwood Vegan: How The Star Stays Mostly Vegan


Carrie Underwood admits that when she was growing up, she never really thought about what happened to the cows her family raised on their farm in Oklahoma. When she finally thought to ask, and learned that they were slaughtered for meat, she decided she was done with beef. “It just freaked me out and that was that,” Underwood tells SELF. ...

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