Barking Dog Found Alive in Rubble 9 Days After Italy Earthquake


Firefighters rescued a Golden Retriever from a pile of earthquake rubble after they heard the dog barking, nine days after the temblor struck central Italy. The dog, called Romeo, appeared to be bewildered at first as it scampered down the mound of broken concrete and other debris, but quickly took a few steps, wagged its tail and sniffed its surroundings. ...

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The Complexities of Hydration Issues in the Elderly


Abstract Although age alone is not an independent risk factor for dehydration, converging age-related factors along with personal hydration habits can contribute to risk for dehydration in older adults. This article explores the problem of assessment of dehydration risk in older adults by reviewing major age-related changes including blunted thirst response, decreasing fluid consumption, and unreliability of biochemical indicators of ...

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Pharmacists’ Picks: Top Recommended Health Products

Male pharmactist working in pharmacy

When you’ve got a drippy nose or monster headache, chances are you head to your local pharmacy in search of relief, where endless over-the-counter treatment options await, sardine-packed on store shelves. For many of us, the which-product-should-I-buy decision is little more complex than a game of eeny, meeny, miney, mo. For some, it comes down to price. For others, it’s ...

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How to Actually Eat in Moderation

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How many times have you heard that you should be eating in moderation? It’s popular advice for good reason. For one, it’s important to eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, dairy, whole grains and healthy fats. And if you eat too much of one food – even a healthy one – it can lead to ...

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Health Implications Of Obesity In Children


African American, Hispanic American, and Native American children and adolescents have particularly high obesity rates. Prevalence of being overweight is reported To be significantly higher in children and Adolescents with moderate to servere asthma. Presistently elevated blood pressure levels have been found to occur about 9 times more frequently among obese children and adolescents (ages 5-18) than in non-obese children ...

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Gestational Diabetes: A Family Opportunity


A diagnosis of gestational diabetes can be scary, but it doesn’t automatically mean you’ll develop type 2 Diabetes later in life. Since you know you’re at an increased risk, you can make changes now to prevent you and your family from getting diabetes in the future. Try these tips to keep you and your family healthy! During your pregnancy: Take ...

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Biotin Treatment Mimicking Graves’ Disease


Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is widely used in over-the-counter dietary supplements.1 Apart from its administration in nutritional deficiency or nonmedical applications, biotin plays an important role in the therapy of several inherited metabolic diseases (e.g., biotin–thiamine–responsive basal ganglia disease and biotinidase deficiency).2,3 Moreover, biotin is frequently used as a supportive treatment in patients with disorders of mitochondrial energy ...

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Why Is Physical Education a Stress Reliever for Students in High School?


High school physical education classes have the potential to exert a tremendous positive impact on the students’ mental, physical and social well-being. The opportunity to mentally relax during a tough academic schedule helps to reduce tension and mental stress. Physical education classes also provide an excellent opportunity to focus on physical health and may serve as an outlet for socialization. ...

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