Best Leg Exercises


Quadriceps exercises are important in keeping your legs strong to allow for the highest level of flexibility, as well as to prevent injury. Developing your quadriceps not only helps to guard against muscle injuries, but can also help to support the knee joint and protect it from injury. The following exercises are the Top Most Effective ...

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There's A Whipped Cream Shortage, But Try Not To Panic


Deep breaths: There is currently a nationwide shortage of canned whipped cream, just in time for the dessert-filled holiday season. The whipped cream shortage reportedly stems from a fatal explosion at a plant that manufactures nitrous oxide, the chemical compound used to aerosolize the stuff inside of spray cans. According to the Chicago Tribune, Reddi-wip manufacturer Conagra Brands announced that ...

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Diabetes Association Holiday Health Tips


The Bermuda Diabetes Association said they “would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in Bermuda a healthy message for the Christmas season.” “Christmas is the time when families and friends get together for festivity, and food—lots of food. Temptations are everywhere, and all of those parties disrupt daily routines,” the Association said. “Here are a few tips to ...

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Top Shoulder Exercises for Great Shoulders


A set of broad shoulders can make or break a physique. You can have bulging arms, thick pecs, and even a six-pack row of abdominals, but if they’re all framed in by narrow, stooped shoulders, you’ll just look another gym goer who doesn’t know what he is doing. Assuming you fully appreciate the importance of rugged ...

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The Average American Eats Over 77 Pounds Of Sugar Each Year


It’s pretty much a given that people aren’t eating the same way they were in the 1970s. After all, nutritional information has improved, and with it, it’s fair to assume that people are trying to eat better. However, a new analysis of U.S. Department of Agriculture data conducted by the Pew Research Center shows that, while the American diet has ...

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Cardio or Aerobic Exercise Improves Overall Health


30 minutes a day of cardio may the magic bullet you’ve been looking for according to new research. With its health benefits ranging from disease prevention to stress reduction, cardio/aerobic exercise is one of the best things you can do for your overall health. Cardio/aerobic exercise can help you live longer and healthier and can help you ...

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BHB Appoints Urologist Dr Gordon Kooiman


The Bermuda Hospitals Board announced that Dr Gordon Kooiman [pictured] has been appointed as the Director of Urology, based at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. BHB said, “The appointment of a Urologist was required to meet the large demand for urology services in Bermuda, including diagnosing and treating people with cancers throughout the urinary tract [eg kidney, bladder, prostate and ...

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Cable Crunch


The Kneeling Cable Crunch is one of the most common abdominal (stomach) exercises used in the gym. The Kneeling Cable Crunch when performed correctly will build and strengthen abdominal (abs) muscles. The abdominal muscles (stomach) muscles are very important “core” muscles.  The core muscles consist of the abdominals, the obliques, the lower back muscles and several inner ...

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Flexible Dieting Lets You Eat Whatever And Not Gain Weight


If you follow healthy eating fans on Instagram, you might have noticed that flexible dieting has been popping up in a lot of hashtags. #Flexibledieting has shown up on captions for everything from ice cream and chocolate cereal to high-protein salads, with a few workout and fitness shots in between. Flexible dieting is popular, but the definition seems a little ...

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People’s Open 2nd Location In Acute Care Wing


People’s Pharmacy has expanded to open a second location in the Acute Care Wing of the Hospital, with the company saying People’s ACW will “bring a welcomed increase in choice of products and convenience for the hospital and surrounding area.” “In addition to having access to the pharmacy for new prescriptions and refills, customers will be able to purchase greetings ...

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