The 15 Most-Pinned Healthy Breakfast Recipes on Pinterest


It’s so easy to get stuck in a breakfast rut. That’s because when you first wake up and can barely keep your eyes open, finding healthy breakfast recipes that are also exciting isn’t exactly top priority (no, that would be putting on pants). So instead you settle for something boring and easy, like plain oatmeal or hard-boiled eggs. Sure, it’s ...

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‘Fresh Fruit Friday’ Promotes Healthy Food


On Friday, the Minister of Health and Seniors Jeanne Atherden and the Minister of Education Cole Simons joined members of the Paget Parish Council at Gilbert Institute in support of a collaborative community wellness initiative. Proposed initially by the Department of Health, the Paget Parish Council is promoting healthy eating and active living in Paget. L-R Minister Cole Simons, Ms. ...

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Water Physiology: Essentiality, Metabolism, and Health Implications


Life on earth has evolved as a consequence of the presence of water. Although some alternative theories have been suggested for the generation of life in nonaqueous environments, virtually all known living systems depend on water for survival. Water has many properties that seem indispensable for the functioning of cells.1 It is an excellent solvent for ions, required for nerve ...

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8 Small, Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Eating Habits


Spring is finally here! If you live in Canada, like me (or anywhere that has a semblance of winter), you probably share my unbridled joy at seeing the trees flowering and knowing there are no more snow- and salt-stained pants in your near future. All of this greenery may have you craving a little dietary refresh. If your diet has ...

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Ironshore Donates $105,000 To Relay For Life


Ironshore is the lead sponsor for the Relay for Life of Bermuda, which will be held on May 12 and 13th, with the company saying they are “pleased to be part of such an incredible community event.” “This annual event has been an enormous success and in the first 3 years has raised over half a million dollars and counting ...

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Mushrooms—Biologically Distinct and Nutritionally Unique: Exploring a “Third Food Kingdom”


Back to Top | Article Outline INTRODUCTION: FUNGI—A DISTINCT THIRD FOOD KINGDOM Mushrooms, the fruiting bodies of macroscopic filamentous fungi that grow above the ground, have been a part of the human diet and used as both food and medicine for centuries. Table 1 highlights the major nutrient, health, and culinary characteristics of mushrooms described in this article. ...

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How to Make a Kale Salad That Doesn't Suck


These days, kale salad is everywhere. From fancy restaurants to fast food chains, anywhere that serves food probably has a kale salad offering on menu. And that’s great. Kale is packed with calcium, iron, vitamin C, and even contains more protein than your average leafy green, so it’s definitely worth eating more of. And, despite what some haters might have ...

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Friends Of Hospice To Hold ‘End Of Life’ Forum


Friends of Hospice is getting set to hold the first in a series of forums on end of life decisions entitled “Conversations on Being Mortal” tomorrow [April 29], based on the book Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. A spokesperson said, “End of Life is an inevitable last step for all of us, and should be of concern to all of us. We ...

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BHEC: SPR To Decrease From $338 To $334


Effective 1st June 2017, Standard Premium Rate [SPR] will decrease from $338.07 to $334.00,BHEC said today, explaining that the “decrease was achieved through changes made to SHB, such as encouraging palliative care in the home setting, introducing oral chemotherapy drugs, decreasing the price of dialysis and reducing BHB fees for diagnostic imaging.” BHeC said, “Exactly one year ago today, the ...

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