The Healthiest Food at Starbucks


We mainly know Starbucks for its ridiculous drinks (looking at you, unicorn Frappuccino), but it’s also a great place to pick up some healthy, tasty grub. Sure, they have plenty of not-so-healthy options, but they’ve come a long way since their days of only offering greasy breakfast sandwiches and high-calorie, sugary pastries. “Starbucks has increased its food options tremendously over ...

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Savvy Foundation Helps Promote Asthma Care


Savvy Foundation, an organization that serves youth and adults in the area of health and wellness, is giving back to the community with the sponsorship of 20 asthma treatments to Sankofa. A spokesperson said, “Sankofa is a holistic treatment center that offers an array of natural methods that will increase your level of wellness. We offer acupuncture, acupressure, therapeutic massage, ...

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Starbucks Has a Unicorn Lemonade Baristas Don't Want You to Know About


There’s a new Starbucks beverage making baristas everywhere cry: Unicorn Lemonade. Sure, Instagram may love Starbucks’ photo-worthy Unicorn Frappuccino — but Starbucks baristas are equally passionate about how much they hate it. And that disdain is why they are desperately trying to prevent customers from discovering the Unicorn Frappuccino’s sibling, Unicorn Lemonade. A Starbucks employee posted the new concoction to ...

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12 Emergency Medical Technicians Graduate


There are twelve new emergency medical technicians [EMTs] the Bermuda College announced, explaining that the group made history as the first graduating cohort of the pilot programme of a partnership between Bermuda College, the Bermuda Hospitals Board, and the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service. The local programme has also been validated by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians [NREMT], ...

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The 15 Most-Pinned Healthy Dinner Recipes on Pinterest


When I’m strapped for new and exciting recipes, Pinterest is the first place I look for inspiration (pinspiration?). Pinterest is especially helpful when it comes to dinnertime—aka the meal I have the hardest time finding recipes for. The only problem is there are SO many healthy dinner recipes. That’s fine when I feel like mindlessly scrolling through pictures of beautiful ...

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Minister Atherden Speaks To ABIC Gathering


Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment Jeanne Atherden recently spoke to an Association of Bermuda International Companies [ABIC] gathering regarding the Bermuda Health Strategy and Action Plan, saying “although we are moving forward, it is important to remind ourselves that there is no perfect formula for a health system.” Minister Atherden said, “As you know, the Ministry of Health and ...

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10 Charts All Vegetarians Should Bookmark


So you’ve decided to give the vegetarian life a try. Awesome. Before you get started, you’ll need to stock up on some ingredients and do a bit of research. Because even though it seems easy enough to just give up meat on a whim, it’s actually pretty hard (I’m speaking from experience). You should definitely bookmark these 10 charts whether ...

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Premier & Minister Visit Radiation Facility Site


Premier Michael Dunkley and Health & Seniors Minister Jeanne Atherden recently visited the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre [BCHC] to tour the site of the new radiation therapy facility. They were accompanied by BCHC Executive Director Tara Curtis, with Clinical Oncologist Dr. Chris Fosker providing a tour of the facility and an overview of Bermuda’s new state-of-the-art radiation therapy equipment. ...

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10 Sweet Breakfasts With No Added Sugar


As much as we love savory breakfasts, sometimes we wake up craving something a little sweet. The healthiest way to indulge an A.M. sweet tooth is with a balanced breakfast that contains naturally occurring sugars, like those found in fruit. Compared with added sugars—which include things like refined white sugar and corn syrup, but also less-processed sugars like honey, agave, ...

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5 Things Stopping You From Reaching Dreams


Most of us have some kind of ambitions or goals, they could be as familiar as the desire to be an amazing parent or to be the owner of a multi-million-dollar business. But why is it that some people are able to boldly push past their fears and actually live out their dreams, while other people spend years or even ...

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