Simplify Process: Personal Home Care Benefit


The Health Insurance Department [HID] said they have made several changes which will simplify the claims process relating to the Personal Home Care Benefit. “The Personal Home Care Benefit [PHC] was introduced in 2015 as a HIP and FutureCare benefit under the Health Insurance Act 1970. The Benefit assists FutureCare and HIP policyholders with the costs of personal care services ...

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10 Healthy Low-Sugar Granola Recipes


Cutting sugar isn’t easy (trust us, we’ve tried). This is especially true when it comes to things like granola. Though the snacktime fave seems like a safe, healthy bet, many store-bought versions sneakily pack in the sweet stuff—sometimes in amounts comparable to candy. Low-sugar granola—any granola that has less than 5 grams of added sugar per serving, according to Amy ...

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Colonial Renames Wellness Programme: Zest


One of the Island’s wellness programmes has received a make-over and a new name in a bid to get more people off the couch. “The health issues in Bermuda are very well documented,” said Jacqueline Perreault, Colonial’s Corporate Wellness Director. “An awful lot of those issues are preventable. Quite often all it takes is a changing a few habits.” Colonial ...

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12 Ways Registered Dietitians Save Money on Groceries


Groceries are a necessary expense, but they don’t need to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to save money on groceries—real, healthy foods, not just packaged snacks and frozen meals—that have nothing to do with cutting coupons or skimping on quality. You just have to be willing to get a little creative. SELF worked with registered dietitians to come ...

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Tea Tasting & Signature Tea Collection Launch


[Written by Dr Kuni Frith-Black] The Bermuda National Library has taken on a new educational persona these days. The Library has moved toward hosting a number of educational presentations to get the community reacquainted with a centuries old institution. The new energy and ideas floating through its walls features a number of 21st century upgrades including WIFI and computer access. ...

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Sensory Aspects of Bitter and Sweet Tastes During Early Childhood


Back to Top | Article Outline Taste and Flavor are Not Synonymous Flavor is an integrated perception that arises from stimulation of 3 distinct sensory systems, taste, touch, and smell, that are found in the mouth, throat, and nose.1,2 Because chemosensation is the primary means by which children assess food acceptability,3 the importance of flavor for ingestive behavior ...

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Starbucks Debuts Two New Cold Brew Mocktails


It seems like there’s a new menu item at Starbucks every week now, one more elaborate than the last. And now there’s news that the coffee chain added two new cold brew mocktails to the menu at its Seattle Roastery’s Coffee Experience Bar. First up is the Emerald City Mule, in homage to one of Seattle’s nicknames, and it seems ...

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100 Day Challenge To Hold Free Boot Camp


People are being given a chance to get a taste of the challenges faced by contestants in The Colonial Bermuda 100 Day Challenge with a free public boot camp. The Challenge last took place in 2013 and is now being sponsored by Colonial with 25 people taking part, who were chosen following rigorous selection process. A spokesperson for Colonial said: ...

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How HGTV's Christina El Moussa Realized She Was Undereating


One word that perfectly describes HGTV star Christina El Moussa: nonstop. The Flip or Flop host is constantly on the go, whether she’s renovating homes, caring for her two children, or hitting the gym for high-intensity workouts. Naturally, it takes a lot of energy to lead that kind of busy life—and El Moussa’s nutritionist (and BFF) Cara Clark says she ...

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